On 10 days of sharing bikes in Chicago

Chicago’s bike share program has been around for 10 days and 10,000 rides. As I’m responsible for more than .1% of them, I thought I’d share some thoughts about bike sharing and what it means for Chicago. In short, the big blue bikes are changing the way I think about my city. Despite a couple … Continue reading

Chicago’s Last Lion

Maybe it’s the spring weather or the fact that my daughter asked me her The Robot and the Bluebird twice this morning but Roger Ebert’s death hit me harder this afternoon than I would have expected.  According to Twitter and Facebook, this sadness is shared by many other Chicagoans of my generation. Perhaps our sadness … Continue reading

Advice from the Road

Earlier this month Nina Strochlic shared tips from “professional traveler” Andrew Evans of National Geographic. “He’s sailed across the Atlantic twice, summited Kilimanjaro, and (literally) run the length of Liechtenstein.” My travels are neither as exotic nor as taxing as Andrew’s, but since I am on the road often and have been taking mental notes … Continue reading

Counting smiles at the Tinkering Lab

I visited Chicago Children’s Museum’s new Tinkering Lab with my 3 year old over the weekend. (“Chicago’s first DIY maker-space for families!”)  Neither O. nor I am are particularly handy– both of our first reactions to the drills, saws and wood glue was to split. Because I was with out-of-town guests who were into it, I put up … Continue reading

Four years later

An hour before President Obama’s second term officially begins, the dominant media meme is: he’s older and different than he was four years ago.  David Maraniss in the Washington Post: He comes to this term in a new place as a man and as a politician, not only forged by the experience of his mistakes but … Continue reading

The new Tribune Co. directors on Twitter

The new Tribune Company board of directors, as seen from Twitter: Eddy Hartenstein. One tweet, c. 2009: “Reporters angry that I made LAT big $$ today. Lee suggested I use “new media” to assuage. Talking didn’t work; perhaps Twitter is the key?” Craig Jacobson. No evident Twitter presence. Bruce Karsh. No evident Twitter presence. Ross … Continue reading

Nate Silver and the best media writing of 2012

For most of the last few years I’ve summarized the media that provoked the most thinking about media and technology. (Here are my lists from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. I skipped 2011, not sure why.)  This year Nate Silver tops the list– for his election modeling and the debates he engendered on the application … Continue reading

On work life balance

I came across three articles this Sunday all on the theme of balancing– or, in the best case,  mixing– work and life. Derek Anderson, Founders Are Not Heroes. Let’s Get Back To Work: “Work life balance is less about keeping everything equal as it is making sure everything is in order.” Jackie Coleman and John Coleman, How Two-Career … Continue reading