(Jeffrey) Goldberg Bait in the Race to Replace Rahm

“Aviation security expert” and former Obama advisor  Justin Oberman is the latest entrant in the sweepstakes to replace Rahm Emanuel as representative of Illinois’s 5th Congressional District. (In the finest Chicago political tradition, Oberman is the son of former longtime City Council member Marty Oberman.) The bulk of Oberman’s bio centers on his time with the Transportation Security Administration. Among the areas he takes pride in is “Secure Flight, a new passenger pre-screening system for domestic aviation in the United States.” The prospect of Jefffrey Goldberg covering a Rep. Oberman’s TSA-advocacy is almost enough for me to pull for him.

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2 thoughts on “(Jeffrey) Goldberg Bait in the Race to Replace Rahm

  1. Justin Oberman screwed up Secure Flight while he was there and it took a complete revamp to fix. He also screwed up a lot of Registerd Traveler. He’s perfect for Congress!

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