“Lost” as TV Harbinger

I just started watching “Lost this week”– on my PC, thanks to the iTunes gift certifates I got from Andrea’s family for Festivus. The LA Times explores what the show means for TV:

ABC has found more than just a highly rated, award-winning television show with the potential to spin off sequels. “Lost” has become a world of its own, albeit fictional, that, with its labyrinth of clues and multilayered plots, has become the test case for the marriage between new technology and creative content.

Getting “Lost” has never been easier. It’s on your TV set, your DVR, your iPod and DVD collection — and that’s just the Wednesday-night program itself. Surf the Web and there are countless “Lost” sites — some designed by ABC or the show’s creators and others by the legions of fans of the island castaways drama. Soon there will be “Lost Video Diaries” on Verizon cellphones, two-minute episodes that will chronicle the stories of characters who were on the doomed Oceanic Flight 815 but who do not appear on the show…

This season, “Lost” is the fourth-ranked show in total viewers and the all-important 18- to 49-year-old demographic. But “Lost” has become something more, a model for a new media age, one that has far-reaching financial implications for artists and producers as new technology almost demands that they produce original content for Internet sites and blogs, DVDs, podcasts and books.

What’s happening with “Lost” is also a harbinger of the changing nature of TV watching itself, dividing its followers into two groups: the loyal audience that tunes in every week and the fans who devour every bit of information made available to them on the Internet, books and magazines…

Just as iTunes transformed the music industry by turning singles into a viable revenue source again, Cuse and Lindelof believe their show is at the forefront of the television revolution. 


One thought on ““Lost” as TV Harbinger

  1. Thanks for sharing that with us. I do not have any access to the LA Times so I really appreciate being able to read anything and everything to do with LOST! Top of my short list for favorite TV show!
    Dewayne Mikkelson

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