Charlie Rose, Google Video and DRM

There’s PBS programming on the Google Video Store, as Rafat Ali notes. Of all the programming, Charlie Rose‘s is the only show that will not be copy-protected. The show will be free for 24 hours after the show airs after which it will cost a dollar a show. [Somehow, Charlie Rose escaped the reservation and has its own site. PBS has left a strange message where the show once lived “The “Charlie Rose” site has been retired from” Will other shows follow?]

I have mixed feelings about this: it’s great that some PBS content is included, especially Charlie Rose, which I enjoy when I come across it, and even better that the show will be available without DRM restrictions. It will be free for 24 hours after the show airs, then a dollar a show. Shouldn’t this be the case for all public, non-profit media– since we pay for it? And can we extend that free period past 24 hours?

Daydreaming and zoning out arent dead and gone, but they now have a soundtrack and a video, says Mark Cuban (Via Dennis Haarsager’s Technology 360.)


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