NYT Evo Morales Coverage

Jim Shultz from the Democracy Center, in Bolivia, has a critique of the Times’ coverage of Evo Morales’ visit to Spain:

Today’s Cochabamba daily, Los Tiempos, has a big picture on the front page of Morales and Spain’s King Juan Carlos beaming at one another. On page three it has a similar photo of Morales sharing a beaming greeting with Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. It also reports the announcement by the Spanish government that it will forgive Bolivia of $120 million in debt, to support new literacy efforts in the country.

Similarly the BBC led its coverage with the debt announcement, Spain to Write Off Bolivian Debt, and noted Morales’ meetings with the king, the prime minister and Spanish corporate leaders.

All this makes the New York Times’ coverage, from reporter Renwick McLean, all the more odd.

The Times headlines its article, Bolivian Receives a Chilly Reception in Spain. It then begins, “After receptions in Cuba and Venezuela this week and last that included marching bands, red carpets and praise for his stand against American “imperialism,” Evo Morales, the president-elect of Bolivia, encountered a chillier welcome in Spain on Wednesday as he began a three-nation tour of Europe.?


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