Public Media Innovation

The Boston Globe has a glowing article on–but does not mention American Public Meida’s groundbreaking investment in Gather:

A new Boston website aims to bring order to the tens of millions of weblogs proliferating online and provide one-stop shopping for overwhelmed Internet surfers. In the process, it could put some cash in the pockets of Internet scribes pecking away in obscurity. The site,, positions itself as a kind of eBay for online writers and their readers — a gathering spot for musings and discussions on everything from wine and computers to fitness and spirituality.

As Frank notes,

APM “has invested almost $1 million in the for-profit, Boston-based”
“We think we can take audiences beyond what we give them in public radio and connect them with a whole lot of people who have similar interests,” said Bill Kling, president of APMG. “We hope there is a point where they actually get involved in activities with each other — to take a tour of Italy, or live in a compound in Santa Fe.”

“We can’t do that in public radio,” he said.


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