PBS’ MediaShift kicks off

Mark Glaser’s MediaShift blog debuted on PBS.org yesterday. There’s not much there yet, the main thing that stands out is his Top 5 list, but he’s a smart guy and a good writer, so let’s hope:

MediaShift will try to think outside the blog, by offering you more — and serving you more.

The Top 5 will be a very unscientific Intelligent Designed look at trends, people and technology that won’t leave us alone. It’s no surprise that Google is atop the list, and I’m not sure if it will ever leave the list this year. We all are addicted to Google for searching, and we wait breathlessly for each and every new doodad they come up with, no matter if it’s a clunker, like the new Google Video store. (Excepting MediaZone presents Rugby: 2005 Air New Zealand National Provincial Championship !!)

And each week, I’ll pose a more pointed question to you all to get Your Take. The following week, I’ll do a roundup of the best of what you’ve offered to share with us. And once per week, I’ll do a feature called Digging Deeper that will include deeper thinking and even interviews. Eventually, I’ll start a weekly podcast, add audio and video to the site, and do more stories that include you in a two-way conversation.


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