Gillian Caldwell Live from Davos

The BBC is hosting Gillian Caldwell, the CEO of, and the leader of Infosys at Davos this week. As usual, Gillian is with a heady crowd:

Had a good breakfast meeting with Peter Gabriel and Paul Sagan, the CEO of Akamai, about our planned web portal. He was encouraging about the possibility of a collaboration whereby Akamai – which has servers in more than 60 countries – would provide the hosting and delivery infrastructure for all the video that would be uploaded….

Peter Gabriel and I spent some time talking after our meeting with Akamai about something he and Richard Branson and Nelson Mandela are planning, which will be a kind of global council of elders, to utilize the wisdom and experience of elders in the global and local communities to address some of the most pressing problems we are facing in the world today….

Hoping to hook up with Angelina Jolie later today or tomorrow for a few minutes – she is doing an open forum tomorrow at a local high school on whether human rights have been reduced to a charity case.


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