Internet v. internet

When did the Internet lose its capitalization? Increasingly, I’m seeing cases in which the Internet is referred to with a lower-case i. At&T’s desires aside, there is only one Internet– and it’s a proper name.

(Please excuse for the grouchy, Andy Rooney-like moment. )

UPDATED: Someone pointed to the Wikipedia discussion on this matter:

Most newspapers, newswires, periodicals, and technical journals also capitalize the term. Examples include the New York Times, the Associated Press, Time, The Times of India, Hindustan Times and Communications of the ACM.

In other cases, the first letter is often written small (internet), and many people are not aware of any convention of using a capital letter. Some argue that internet is the correct form.

Since 2000, a significant number of publications have switched to using internet. Among them are The Economist, the Financial Times, the The Times (of London), and the Sydney Morning Herald. As of 2005, most publications using internet appear to be located outside of North America although one American news source, Wired News, has adopted the lowercase spelling.


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