Dabble: “online video aggregator”

Om Malik explains what Mary Hodder has been up to, Dabble, in alpha:

…Hodder has put together a nice little service which will allow users to bookmark videos from different video services in one place. I would like to call them videomarks…Essentially you sign-up for the service and create a personal page, where you can aggregate videos you like from anywhere on the web. Dabble gives you a little script-let that creates a quick tag in the bookmark bar of your browser. See a video you like, say on You Tube or vSocial or Veoh, you hit Dabble It, and the video link is added to your video playlist. You can tag it, create micro-playlists and share it amongst your friend. Pretty much like you do on Flickr. When you want to watch a video, Dabble screen is split into two frames, and the second frame takes you to the page where the video is hosted.

Mary’s company, in other words, wants to act as an online video aggregator. Given that there are 90+ online video hosting services out there, something like Dabble clearly is needed. Its like video-remixing without much effort.


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