Lame Politicians on Flickr

Yesterday, the web (through LA Metroblogging) noticed that the Los Angeles Fire Department GETS IT– it’s blogging and has a Flickr page. Today, I rediscovered “Evan Bayh’s” Flickr page. (I’m sure there are others, I’m only singling him out because his is the one I’ve seen.) Politicians and public officials like Bayh and LA City Council President Eric Garcetti (who’s blogging–or whose staff is blogging in his name–, but without RSS and without a comments page or a readily apparent way to contact him–you can reach his “campaign coordinator” Leo Marks) would be better off refraining from Web 2.0 altogether rather than doing it half-assed. What if Bayh actually flickr’d photos he took himself– that’s what the rest of us do.

UPDATE: Sean made a good point— clearly, I should not have lumped him in as lame. Following his leads, I found another Garcetti blog that does have a feed (though no comments or contact me section) and a link to his flickr page. [I’ve never met Garcetti, but he is a friend of friends.] Thanks, Sean.


6 thoughts on “Lame Politicians on Flickr

  1. Thanks for the kind compliment and for sharing the word regarding the LAFD’s nascent blogging efforts. We’ve got lots of great ideas – and each of them remain centered on the concept that knowledge is power and that we are in the business of empowering those we serve.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  2. Thanks for correcting the Garcetti link. The original site you linked to is Eric’s campaign/personal site, where he no longer blogs. The blogspot site was set up to feed, which has a pretty robust “contact me” section — including phone, email, and a form to set up an office hours meeting with Eric in person. (It’s a good point, though — I’ll put up a “Contact Me” link on the blogspot site. We love free advice!)

    Also, the flickr photos mix pictures of Eric and pictures by Eric (and any illustration that Eric wants to include in the blog; for some reason, photos from migrate more easily to the city’s servers). Check out the Armenia pics for a good sampling of his own work.


    Josh Kamensky
    Communications Director (and de facto webmonkey) for Council President Eric Garcetti

  3. Yeah–I need to close down the old blog and just link it to the new one–doing two was a bit too much work, but I agree with the sentiment. I was part of a cool panel session at the National League of Cities conference this year on blogs and talked a lot about the blog and met the blogging mayor of Round Lake: As far as I can find, there are about a dozen regularly blogging elected officials who do more than a blog entry a week. I hope to highlight some of them on my site soon.

  4. Josh and Eric, thanks for the comments. Councilman, I look forward to your post about other blogging elected officials. I’m especially curious as to how the web 2.0 approach will manifest itself in governance.

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