The Digg Effect and the Long Tail of Opinion Influencers

Squash digs into AtariBoy and his ascenion to the WordPress throne:

AtariBoy is 21-year-old Andrew Nesbitt, a robotics student studing at Plymouth University in the UK. He has been blogging for less than 3 months and only made a commitment to post daily in January. That’s right, after about a month of regular blogging, he’s climbed to the top of the blogging ladder…

It might pay to consider for a moment, how many A-List bloggers would have considered AtariBoy’s MySpace and BitTorrent post’s as genuinely useful. Probably none. Because for the most part, the blog establishment are just a bunch of old farts. They don’t really understand the next wave of Internet phenomena, which will ubdoubtedly be driven by the ‘Y generation’ of Internet users, largely because they’re too busy trying to theorise the current iteration. You only have to look at the explosion in traffic experienced by Y-generation service like MySpace over the last couple of years to realise that the next evolution of the Internet is all about these guys and gals. And old dudes aren’t invited to the party.


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