Brendan Greeley’s Heart Tale

Brendan Greeley, blogger in chief for Radio Open Source and one of the leading thinkers about the future of public media, tells of his Brugada syndrome experience and explains where those weird scars on his chest come from in the New York Times magazine:

I went to N.Y.U. for this procedure, called “an electrophysiological study,” and was surrounded by a feral pack of cardiologists eager, in effect, to kill me. Here is how they kill you: they run a flexible catheter equipped with electrodes up to your heart through your femoral vein, which is most easily accessible through your groin. I assume that they do this because it is more humiliating to have something jammed up your crotch than through your rib cage, but my doctor friends assure me that open-rib-cage surgery is messy and to be avoided.

(Turns out that there is another Brendan Greeley in radio for another radio pioneer Steve Dahl.)


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