KCRW’s Ruth Seymour: Can’t Know Future, Can Only Participate

In a previous post, I linked to Robert Pateron’s visit to WBEZ and chat with Torey Malatia. I missed his visit to Santa Monica’s KCRW and Ruth Seymour:

Attracting the young is the Holy Grail that most people fail in. How have you pulled this off?

You fail with the young when you act as if you know what is good for them. You have to where they are maybe 3 times a week and only maybe 2 times where you want to go. You have to go where they are

We have also done this by being eclectic – some listen to music and hear something new and get acquainted. Some listen to music and hear the news or current affairs and find something that appeals. Some listen to news and hear new music. It all cross- fertilizes itself. I have learned that if I only put out what my audience wants I will lose the audience. This is especially true now.…We have to be constantly willing to change….Who could have foreseen the iPod? We are only just now beginning to understand how disruptive it is. We cannot know the future. We can only participate in it.

We have been online for 11 years but the economic model is not yet clear. But the important thing is that we are participating extensively.


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