BBC on What Audiences Want: Choice, MyTime, Participation

Dennis Haarsager points to the IMA’s blogged conference (its the next best thing to being there) where he discusses a presentation by Nic Newman of BBC News Interactive on what audiences want:

[1] greater choices of platforms and providers, [2] greater power to shape personal consumption around own lifestyle/behavior, [3] greater opportunity for involvement, and [4] greater ability to compare/contrast providers — less loyalty.

In an earlier post, Mark Fuerst sings my song, pointing to the difficulty of applying lessons of the Beeb across the pond:

The problem with BBC presentations, and we’ll have several throughout the week, is how do you apply their lessons and their models to our scale and our decentralized structure? Even if you just talk about content, it’s hard to imagine how we apply BBC lessons and the BBC approach.


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