MySpace + Sundance

Rafat Ali points to this news from Showbusinessweekly, that Sundance is joining MySpace (with its 50 million users) to distribute film,

The News Corp-owned website is already the biggest website for independent and underground bands to promote their songs and events with over 600,000 active band profiles with web-streamed songs on the MySpace’s music channel. The website’s trend-setting influence amongst its users, most of whom are teens and young adults, continues to grow with a record label already in the works with Interscope Records."Bands get discovered off MySpace all the time," co-founder Chris DeWolfe said. "MySpace Film could be a tool for yet-to-be-discovered filmmakers too."

Just as it does with music, MySpace will regularly highlight films and filmmakers selected by editors as well as the ones most popular with users.

"We are enabling independent filmmakers to have the same exposure and marketing tools as musicians have," said Jamie Kantrowitz, vice president of marketing for MySpace.


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