Flickr & Blogs on Dublin Riots: “The First time i have ever been scared in my own city”

Upon reading of today’s riots in Dublin, I was curious to see what sort of citizen journalism I could find. Nothing on the BBC, but I did find detailed photos at Flickr. Indy Media also has better photos than I saw at the Post.

Christina shares her story– she’s canceled plans to celebrate her 18th birthday tonight:

Today i was walkin from work to the busstop [about 30/40 minutes walk] and I got to pearse st. and was walking down it.. A guy grabs me from behind and shoves me against a wall saying in a very dublin accent ‘Get out of the fuckin way!’ so that kinda hurt, then i saw him from behind and he had a white jersey with blood all down the left of it and it wasn’t his own because he had no gash on his head.. So i get to my bus stop only to see Gardí [police] and rioters clashing….50feet away.

They had glass bottles, iron bars, homemade petrol bombs, and anything else they could get their hands on….

I was gonna be going into town tonight to celebrate being 18, but i’m going next weekend instead because the atmosphere there is awfull……

*sigh*….Today was the First time i have ever been scared in my own city…

Daragh at Dublin Metroblogging adds some reports.


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