Pan-American Reggaeton

Writing for the Pacific News Service Elizabeth Gonazalez  discusses reggaeton’s Pan-Americanism, something I felt last summer while dozing on a bus in Latacunga, listening to an interview with Daddy Yankee on the radio:

What distinguishes reggaeton from previous “Latino explosions” is that it is the first pan-Latino American musical movement that I can think of… the Boricuas, Dominicanos, Chapines, Mexicanos, Colombianos were all hanging out. And at the last concert, although the artists like Ivy Queen and Tego Calderon, were Boricuas, the Salvadoreños were the biggest group there. After all, the concert was in San Francisco. People even brought their countries’ flags with them, holding on to them like capes, or smaller sizes they held up in their arms, representing all of Latin America — and it wasn’t anyone’s independence day. People generations deep in the United States are at the concerts, as well as those trying to settle in. I’ve met people from the other side of the bay and the other side of the Americas.


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