“Broadband a Level Playing Field” for Barrio 305

The Miami Herald reports on Barrio305.com, the (online only) reggaeton “broadband video channel:”

“People ask us if we think we can go head-to-head with big cable networks and the answer is no, not on cable, but on broadband it’s a level playing field,” says Antonio Otálvaro, 32, who heads up content and production at the Miami-based startup.

Just five months old, Barrio305.com stands on the vanguard of brand new video distribution technologies and business models for broadband Internet and wireless phones…

The Otálvaros’ strategy: marry that technology to video content aimed at the country’s fastestexpanding demographic group, bilingual, bicultural Hispanics aged 14 to 30 who spend much of the day with either a cellphone or mouse in their hand, and sell advertising — which hasn’t come in yet.

”We’re not waiting for a programming director to say whether or not Barrio305’s programming is good enough for the Latino youth segment,” Antonio says. “We’re doing it regardless, and our audience has grown consistently at a rate of 15 to 20 percent a month — by word of mouth alone.”

Barrio305 is also looking to other distribution platforms. Emeryville, Calif.-based MobiTV recently agreed to beam Barrio305 video on cell phones.


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