“To The Point” on the Waking Giant

Warren Olney's To The Point, nationally syndicated out of KCRW, addresses Saturday's day of immigrant-rights marches with its Monday show, "Immigration: From the Streets to Capitol Hill." David Ayon of Loyola's Center for the Study of Los Angeles says that a key turning point in the national debate was Mayor Richard Daley's decision to proudly lead the Chicago march earlier this month.

Also on the show, Mickey Kaus continues to spread a thesis first introduced by Bill Bradley, that the October, 1994 pro-immigrant march spurred support for Proposition 187. That's not my recollection– I don't have the numbers, but I remember that support for Prop 187 was running above 60% before the mid-October march– the final vote tally was 59%. Mickey and Bill, where is your data? Furthermore, are Mickey and Bill arguing that the judicial decisions to overtrun 187 were not influenced by the march of 200,000?

UPDATED: John Keeley, of the Center for Immigration Studies, has presented some odd arguments that have been largely wrecked by Andres Rozental of the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations.



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