Americans Favor Guest Worker Program: AP poll

Looks like the marches and walkouts are working. From Monday's LA Times,

An Associated Press-Ipsos poll reported Sunday that 56% of Americans favor and 41% are against letting undocumented immigrants apply for legal temporary-worker status. Just over half said that illegal immigrants mostly made a contribution to this country; 42% said they were mostly a drain. Two-thirds said they were not confident that building a fence between the U.S. and Mexico would reduce the number of illegal immigrants…

"This is a defining moment for the Republican Party," said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on "Fox News Sunday." "If our answer to the fastest-growing demographic in this country is that 'We want to make felons of your grandparents, and we want to put people in jail who are helping your neighbors and people related to you,' then we're going to suffer mightily…. Let's solve the problem in a comprehensive way — firm, fair pathway to citizenship."

Graham maintained that "there is a shift in politics going on in the Senate and the Republican Party away from a border-security-only bill to a comprehensive approach being advocated by the president." Large demonstrations in Los Angeles and other major cities have brought home the fact that Latinos around the country are following the congressional debate…

The comprehensive approach, Graham said, involves securing the borders and punishing lawbreakers while also moving "to honestly deal with the 11 million people who are already in the country and who are working and adding value. We're not going to put 11 million people in jail."

…Also Sunday, Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, the archbishop of Los Angeles, called on Southern California Catholics to observe a special day of fasting and prayer Wednesday in solidarity with undocumented immigrants and to pray for lawmakers as they debated immigration policy in Washington.

Mahony is to celebrate a special Mass at noon Wednesday at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown Los Angeles to mark the day.


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