Michael Powell: Don’t wait for a Tennessee Valley Broadband Authority

Sorry to have missed F2C, I read with interest Erick Schonfeld's summary of former FCC chair Michael Powell's comments:

It is too facile to say the Internet belongs to the public.  People are married to the metaphor of the public space, but they run into trouble when it comes to who should pay for this stuff. They think it should be the government.  That’s not going to happen. The government is broke, It’s going to stay broke. There won’t be a Tennessee Valley Broadband Authority.

So what should those concerned about the Net's future do?  If this group can't figure it out, how is Congress supposed to?  Powell's answer:

You have to make it financially difficult for providers to act in certain ways because the grassroots consumer base will get angry.

You go, Michael Powell. What a shame he got caught up in the Janet Jackson indecency aftermath. 

Weinberger has a transcript.  


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