April’s First Iraq Must-Read: Packer’s “The Lesson of Tal Afar”

About two or three times a month I read an article on Iraq that spins my head. George Packer's "The Lesson of Tal Afar" in the New Yorker is the first one for April. (The article is not on the web, though they do post an interview with Packer and a photo slide show.) There's a lot of meat in there for those advocating an immediate withdrawal of US troops– something that Packer says is essentially happening already. Idiot King's one sentence summary works:

The article covers a maverick officer's successful attempt to lower the amount of violence in Tal Afar, one of the insurgency's hot spots in Iraq, through unconventional (read: non-Army doctrine) methods.

Packer's heroes, H.R. McMaster chief among them, are making progress out of the mess that was handed them.  


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