MySpace a Boon for Cops?

The media’s coverage of MySpace and children’s safety brought to mind a conversation I had last month with a friend in law enforcement who told me that MySpace is “pretty good with assisting law enforcement and have specific protocols to obtain information from their site.” I have not seen that experience conveyed in the press coverage of MySpace.

Kenyatta Cheese has also been pondering MySpace and child protection. He posits “the possibility that the existence of MySpace makes it easier for law enforcement to search for and find those needles in a haystack called pedophiles in ways that could never be done with AOL chat rooms or MSN webcams.”

My friend delivers the kicker that should close all the news articles about the terrible spectre that is MySpace: “A child’s safety is largely depends on the adult’s efforts and parenting skills that have nothing to do with the internet.”


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