Colbert’s Press Club Appearance

Colbert’s address to W. and the National Press Club White House Correspondents Dinner and be viewed here and read here.

UPDATE: Radio Open Source hits a home run with its coverage of Colbert’s appearance and the subsequent media reaction. (Brendan is obviously back from vacation.) Jay Rosen and Robert Thompson were particularly good. From Chris Lydon’s post-show analysis:

The Colbert tour-de-force marks a moment. It’s the first time, as Greg writes, that we’ve seen George W. Bush looking as publicly uncomfortable and ticked off as two-thirds of us Americans feel about him. It marks also yet another point, I’d say, at which the failing media establishment proved helpless to hear what’s going on and check itself. Consistently now the institutional media calls to mind that nasty gag about marriage: “… a great institution. But would you really want to spend your life in an institution?” All the good fun around the Colbert moment is being recorded in blog world, not in what we used to call “the press.” In Billmon’s glorious Whiskey Bar, for example.


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