English not leading blog language: Technorati

I'm surprised this hasn't received more attention (it has from Neville and  Ewan McIntosh of the Modern Languages Blog). From David Sifry's latest state of the blogosphere:

…English isn't the biggest language of the blogosphere. In fact, English isn't even the primary language of one third of all posts that Technorati tracks anymore.

And from McIntosh's post:

For linguists, what is amazing and wonderful and scary at the same time is the predominance of Japanese in the blogging world – 31% of all blogs are written in Japanese. Also, Chinese is on an equal pegging with English at 25%. Why is this scary? Because we're teaching all the languages that rank WAY under these two foreign languages. Clearly, the blogosphere is one place where authentic 'flattening' of the linguistic world is already happening.

So, what does this mean for the unity of the blogosphere? I can only comprehend one-third of  he blog posts out there.


4 thoughts on “English not leading blog language: Technorati

  1. However, I bet that many of the people posting in (particularly) Japanese and (less) Chinese can understand your English blog posts.

    If we English-speakers want to maintain a competitive advantage, we’d better start learning a few other languages!

  2. Indeed. I think many Asian bloggers (and wikipedia editors) are doing so in English.
    At some point, will there be more English speakers in China than there are in the U.S.?

  3. I love the fact that there’s a real reason to learn Japanese and Chinese that, before, we’ve had trouble exemplifying. I wonder if it’s just too little too late. Also, what about Urdu and Punjabi? Already India is winning in the world of e-business and web 2.0. It can only be a matter of time before 1 billion Indians hit the blogosphere big time, too.

  4. Urdu and Punjabi will rise big time—I sense that. Even I have been venturing to Chinese and Japanese blogs and putting up with the translations from Babelfish. The bloggers themselves have been translating my comments (or they understand what I write). So we can get a stunted dialogue going, which is better than no conversation at all.

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