Vasectomy Nation

In an article for the New York Times magazine two weeks ago, Russell Shorto documented how anti-abortion groups have also been working under the radar to undermine information about and accessibility to birth control and emergency contraception( Groups with misleading names like Focus on the Family and the American Life League apparently want families to return to that pure, pre-pill time when hard working parents with no access to birth control could barely feed their broods. Or, as Nicholas Kristoff argues, maybe they are switching their position from anti to pro-abortion, because numerous studies indicate that greater information and access to birth control significantly decreases the number of abortions ( Less birth control means more abortions. And with current restrictions on abortions, less birth control could eventually translate into more back-alley abortions and, therefore, more deaths. It is no longer accurate to refer to anti-abortion, anti-birth control groups as social conservatives. These groups are social talibanists. They want to cover women’s pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness under their hypocritical burkas. And while they continue to disseminate misinformation about the inefficacy of condoms and the virtues of abstinence, they propose no alternative to the “Rick Santorum-I have six children-rhythm method”.           In this context, I propose that information and free access to vasectomies be provided starting in middle school. This way, if a boy wants to have sex with a girl, the girl can say, sure, just go get the vasectomy.


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