World Cup Web Tools

With less than six days to go, some World Cup 2.0 playthings to help the time go by:

GDV has created a 3-D model of a stadium (working from digital photographs) and a database of individual players that includes details like hairstyle, body type, and sock color.

  • The BBC's World Cup DAQ allows you to buy and sell shares in teams in a stock exchange. (Brazil and Germany are the largest gainer and loser of the last 24 hours.) England is the over-valued favorite at around 32 quid, with Brazil following up at 14. The beeb has also a World Cup Blog
  • Five English fans (Ed, Chris, Blair, Ian and and Ali) didn't like the official England anthem by Embrace and posted on their Amazing World Cup Songs MySpace their own "Come On England," with "Come on Wayne" as a b-side:

We wrote 'come on England' because we thought all the other world cup songs out this year were a bit rubbish. For us, a great world cup song should be funny, very patriotic and horribly catchy. Give it a few listens and you'll be singing in your dreams. Give it over ten listens and you''ll never want to hear it again and probably want to kill us. The other song is a heartbreaking message for Wayne Rooney.


One thought on “World Cup Web Tools

  1. Thank you for your blogger about football,I’d like to exchange message with you:

    Motto of different country FIFA2006 world cup team
    1.We are football >GermanyFranceENGLAND
    15.go black stars,the stars of our world > Ghana CroatiaPoland Saudi ArabiaSweden CzechUNITED

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