“The most globally shared user experience known to date”

At long last, Global Voices adds some World Cup commentary through a tour of the Lusophone blogosphere, and more, by Jose Murilo Junior. "In the Information Age World Cup Fever is everywhere," he concludes:

We have never before had so prepared an environment for the expanded internationally networked exchange about the games as we have today.

“There are 186 thousand new websites just created for the world cup in Germany in the last few days. The survey was made by Websense.”
Web and CupBlog do Mesquita – Brazil

Inovative news sites mash-ups, collective blogs, live video streamings, videoblogs, contests, online games, online virtual stadiuns, and many other novelties will be launched onto this global stage. All this connecting will help make the 2006 edition not only the most pervasive event ever, but also the most globally shared user experience known to date.

Jose adds details on the video of Maradona's astounding treachery and the Brazil-Argentina rivalry in Bangladesh (!?):

Skies of cities, towns and villages across the country were this weekend full of Brazilian and Argentine flags as fans displayed loyalty to their favourite teams. So much is the love for the two teams that at Aminbazar …more than 10,000 villagers have been divided into two blocks of fans.”


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