Betwixt and Between

The Sundary Boston Globe printed an excerpt of Tanya Erzen's Straight to Jesus : Sexual and Christian Conversions in the Ex-Gay Movement. Tanya avoids polemics and emphasizes the grey areas that make identity more interesting than the fundamentalists, of all stripes, would have us believe:

The debate surrounding the movement, then, is about more than just gay marriage, it is about the legitimacy of gay identity itself. Critics of the movement argue that ex-gay men and women are simply controlling their behavior and repressing their desires, and indeed the movement has suffered some very public failures-the first president of Exodus fell in love with a man at his ministry, and they defected from the movement. Yet often lost in the acrimonious exchanges between ex-gay leaders and their critics are men…who are neither at home in their churches or in the gay community.


One thought on “Betwixt and Between

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