The Beeb Blogs the World Cup

One of my favourity BBC programs is its "World Have Your Say," the international call-in program. Here is its blog (which links to its World Cup Have Your Say blog). From Fiona Crack's preview of Wednesday's show:

The line up starts with the release of the Indonesian muslim cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir, who was found guilty in connection with the Bali bombings in 2002. Some Australians are angry at his early release, while some in Indonesia have come out to greet the man and express their happiness at his release.

Then we'll be hearing your tales of world cup blues. Whether it's riots in Croatia, switching off the big screen in Liverpool, or power cuts in Uganda: not everyone has had an easy time watching the world cup.

On Tuesday women police in Iran broke up women protesting for equal rights. Many were shocked at the violent pictures of women beating their 'sisters'. But is the phenomenon of women fighting women against change, more widespread than we thought? What do you think?

And finally we'll be hearing from kids in Soweto and Wigan today. They took part in a video and internet link up and learnt about each other's schools and daily routines. We'll be hearing from children from both schools that took part and getting them to carry on their conversation by radio and phone.

And Mark Sandell summarizes the World Cup bit:

Today's show worked. The blend was right, the fans were brilliant and i think we got close to capturing the mood of the World Cup.
We had two South Korea fans (Jun and Brent) talking to two Togolese fans in Lome (Eric and Guy) and they replayed yesterday's game with the help of Mikhail (a Poland fan) and Mirka (a German fan).


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