WNYC Starts The Conversation

WNYC produces some great shows– On the Media and the Brian Lehrer Show chief among them. For the rest of the month, WNYC is experimenting with a new program– its first new talk show in quite awhile. The Conversation sounds similar to Chris Lydon's Radio Open Source (which WNYC airs nightly)– but with a focus on the world's capital city. Last night's show included stories on Iraq, immigration and Net Neutrality. The muchadmired Daljit Dhaliwal is hosting this week. The Conversation promisess to feature "a diverse spectrum of people with an incredibly wide range of views."

You’ve probably exchanged thousands of glances with strangers on the subway, on line at the supermarket, or at your local dog run without ever saying a word. But in New York, any stranger can instantly become an acquaintance, or a new friend, when you start a conversation about the issues that matter to you.

The Conversation connects you with the people around you…

How will the show use WNYC.org? How will it use the web? Will they successfully leverage virtual communities like Flickr? What does it have in common with Chicago Public Radio's WBEW experiment? Unlike WBEW, WNYC does not have the advantage of starting with a new station– to add a show, they will necessarily disappoint a set of listeners by dropping an existing show, a reality played out in its comments page .


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