Potpourri of Thursday links

  • World Cup Joy: Ecuador is, my cousin-in-law was sure to tell me, the most dominant team in the tournament so far. Frustration: Trinidad and Tobago pulled off a miracle for about 60 minutes today before the world's fifth-most famous Lillipudlian entered and brought us back to reality. (I owe an apology to my lunch companions for so rudely staring at the TV over their shoulders over burritos today.) We can still listen to the dreams of Radio Open Source,which tackled the world's biggest social event with World Cup on Wednesday and an ongoing discussion. (Thanks to Jake for the tip.) From Brendan's introduction:

…as an American it’s my fate to never really care about the American soccer team…

This year Trinidad and Tobago made the tournament, according to the BBC favored to win at 1000 to 1. The “Soca Warriors,” they’re called, from a Trinidadian dance. The evening the warriors qualified, podcaster Georgia Popplewell recorded noise on the street in Trinidad that she describes as “blaring car horns, rhythm sections, stream of consciousness, slightly distorted audio and the sounds of a country in the throes of ecstasy.”…What is it for you? Did you marry into a soccer nation? Were you born in one? What was your best World Cup summer?

  • Global Voices is onto its second podcast episode, with skype interviews and a mention of some soccer tournament.
  • Lost Remote reports that "Mark Cuban is the sole investor in a upcoming website called ShareSleuth which will focus on investigative business journalism." More info at Talking Biz News.
  • Chris Pirillo says NPR needs OPML. Sounds good to me:

I’m asking the NPR gods: please give us a single, permanent OPML URL? You can keep the same dichotomy, just put in a more transportable / importable format. If the NPR OPML is always at the same URL, we can always have the latest set of NPR shows a finger-click away.

  • Nerd War: Star Trek v. Star Wars
  • Gnarles Barkley goes retro. (To put this into perspective, imagine some hippsters in 1977 dressing up as Hope and Crosby, or Astaire and Garland.)

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