Conflicting Headlines on Chandler’s Chicago Departure

Normally I would leave this to Steve Rhodes and his team at the Beachwood Reporter, but as they are busy anlyzing the City Hall corruption convictions, I will take a shot. The Sun Times’ headline on the Bulls’ (well-received by all parties) trade of Tyson Chandler: Chandler takes a parting shot at Bulls’ Skiles. And the Tribune’s: Chandler graciously says so long to Bulls. So which is it– was Tyson gracious or bitter in his comments? Did he answer differently to each reporter? Or did Brian Hanley and his Sun Times headline-writer take liberties with Chandler’s comments? From Hanley’s article:

“There never was an understanding there [by Skiles],” Chandler told WSCR-AM (670). “Never communication. … It was like there were walls put up there I couldn’t break through….Asked later about how he had characterized Skiles, Chandler told the Sun-Times: ”I wish our communication level could have been better. But I always point the finger at myself first. Scott’s a great coach, as good as any when it comes to X’s and O’s… I want to make it clear that in no way, shape or form am I pointing my finger at Scott for the way I played… I thank the organization.

If that’s a parting shot, what would a fond farewell sound like?


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