The Zidane-Materazzi Media Event

It may prove to be the most watched event in human history– Princess Di’s funeral and September 11 are the only things that would seem to come close. For decades, people the world over will be able to recall where they were when head-butt happened. (I fall into the “it was mornonic but I still love Zizou” camp, along with my mother-in-law and, clearly, Mrs. Zidane. And I think Materazzi is a punk worthy of a Detroit Pistons jersey.) (Here’s the interview Zidane gave tonight on Canal Plus, untranslated and some English text translation from Down Under– still smarting about The Dive, I hope. [Updated: Indeed, at least some subtle Aussies are still a bit upset, it seems.])

As a global media event, the Internets have been kind to Zidane’s head butt, granting him a media notoriety not seen this side of Bin Laden, Bush or Saddam. Some highlights follow: (A tip of the hat to Ray Cha of the Institute for the Future of the Book for the original YTMND link.)

Viva Zidel [Updated, fixed link]


The Italian football team in training (c. 2004) (thanks, Karim)

A Zidane-Materazzi game

Coup de Boule, One of the soon-to-be many Zidane musical tributes (thanks Dan and Al Jazeera)


Question: how long until the first rap reference to the head butt– and who will it be? My bet is MF Doom, but that’s just me.



3 thoughts on “The Zidane-Materazzi Media Event

  1. Estoy muy triste de que no vamos a ver a este gran personaje lleno de carisma y belleza en el proximo mundial.
    No se que exactamente oyo para reaccionar de esa manera, pero yo le perdono.
    No pude ver el interview de Zidane, porque tu sabes que soy del siglo pasado, y a veces no se, si el problema soy yo, o el computador tan obsoleto que tengo.

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