Colbert Decries Crumbelievable Culture

Gigi Sohn mentioned in passing that Wednesday’s Colbert Report was a keeper, and she didn’t steer me wrong. (As of this writing highlights of the show are up at Comedy Central’s “most recent videos page.”) American Culture: It’s Crumbelievable is the theme. This Much Left has the clip of Stepehen’s interrogation of OK Go’s Damian Kalush (“Why cant awesome be what music executives say it is?”) OK Go, for those who don’t know, is all over You Tube, and the kids are creating their own viral versions of the video. Later, Colbert decries the loss of a common TV viewing experience, reminding me of (my grad school advisor) Joe Turow’s landmark treatsie on media fragmentation, Breaking Up America.

Karl Long sums up the notion of Colbert as cultural zeitgeist; the No Fact Zone has the episode summary– remembering to mention the latest Filliam H. Muffman reference.


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