NPR’s new hire, This (American) Second Life and Faces of the Fallen

  • NPR’s got a new senior product manager for online communities– none other than PBS blogger and tech thinker Andy Carvin. [Update: Via Jake.] “In this role, I’ll essentially act as NPR’s Web 2.0 strategist, helping them develop new initiatives that encourage greater public involvement in NPR’s online activities. These activities could take a variety of forms: online social networks, wikis, blogs, mobcasting, citizen journalism, original content sharing.” Andy hasn’t started yet, but he’s already receiving suggestions in the comments section. Here’s one, from Jane: “customizable RSS feeds on searches.” And, from Cheryl, a plea for a better linking policy:

It seems like every NPR story ends with “to find out more/participate/submit your comment/whatever, visit” Well that’s great. But often when I go there, I can’t find the link to the specific thing I’m interested in.

  • I shared the Washington Post’s Faces of the Fallen with a co-worker yesterday, who was as moved as I was when I first saw it. Seven of the dead are from Chicago. The site was created by Adrian Holovaty, who also created (One of the nice things about Chicago’s Midway Airport is the war memorial wall maintained by Southwest Airlines employees.)

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