Blogging Serendipity on MacPhail’s Departure

I love it when I have an idea for a blog post but someone else beats me to it and does it better than I would have. On Sunday afternoon, I was on the Lake listening to the Cubs “big announcement,” Andy MacPhail’s resignation and his (temporary?) replacement by Tribune Golden Boy John McDonough. (Even Steve Dahl sang his praises on Monday.) I scribbled some notes on some of the oddities of the event thinking of a blog post. Well, by Sunday night, Chuck had already broken down the press conference, with the help of “Pestilence” Byron’s transcript at Goat Riders of the Apocalypse (the best name in Cub blogdom). Chuck hit on just about all of my points, and then follows up with a post that concludes that:

the events of the weekend confirm that the Cubs are, indeed, one of the Trib assets available for sale. The question is: Where do the Cubs rank in terms of assets for sale? Are they at the top of the list or somewhat lower? We should all find out in the next 3 months when the Trib board meets again.

Uncertainty reigns. And with it, the hopes of winning baseball at Wrigley Field. May the Trib decide what to do quickly or 2008 will be soonest there could be any hope for Cub fans.

(I was at Joe Girardi’s first game at Wrigely Field in 1989 and hopes he gets the gig, no matter who the state of the Tribune or whether he was impolite with his bosses in Miami.)


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