The Blogging CTA Chair Carole Brown

Monifa Thomas failed to include a link or title when she referenced it this morning, but CTA chair Carole Brown has a blog:

I created this blog to answer some of the questions people have been asking about the CTA’s funding situation. We on the board have asked many of these same questions, and we want to help get the word out. So please feel free to send comments or questions to

The blog seems to have been created as part of a communications strategy to get more funds from Springfield, but she is responding to her readers’ concerns about the slow trains. Are we sure that this is a Chicago public official here?

I promise you that I am trying to get to the bottom of what is going on with the chronic slow zones and switching problems during rush. I wish I could tell you when it was going to improve, but I can’t. I can tell you, that I and the Board are committed to finding out how we can mitigate the problems surrounding the increased travel times on our rail. Sue Leonis, Vice Chair of the Board, and Chairman of the Construction Committee has called for a committee meeting. It is my intent at that meeting to suspend the 5 person limit
[corrected from original] on public comment so that the entire Board can hear first hand our riders’ frustration and so that staff can respond immediately to your questions. I invite you to attend. Date and time will be posted shortly.


4 thoughts on “The Blogging CTA Chair Carole Brown

  1. Dear Ms. Brown:
    I am a young reporter writing about CTA bus 50 Damen route. I have been trying to contact CTA officials through CTA’s media department. It has been over a week now and I have not received any response. What does it take to talk to someone from CTA?

  2. Dear Ms. Brown:

    I was at the planning commission meeting today, and what a disgrace of a planning commission.

    There job is to protect the Parks and Lake front and it seems that every member including the Mayor has forgotten

    So here is a reminder of what the planning commission is supposed to be considering. I hope you will councel every one of it’s members, they do not seem to be listening to the will of the people.

    Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront
    Protection Ordinance

    CHAPTER 16-4
    (CHAPTER 194B*)

    5) Maintain and improve the formal character and open water vista of Grant Park with no new above-ground structures permitted.

    16-4-030. (194B-3) Purposes. This ordinance is adopted for the following purposes:

    (a) To promote and protect the health, safety, comfort, convenience, and the general welfare of the people, and to conserve our natural resources;

    (b) To identify and establish the Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection District and to divide that District into several zones wherein any and all development or construction, as specified in Sections 16-4-060, 16-4-070 and 16-4-150 hereinafter, shall be specifically restricted and regulated;

    (c) To maintain and improve the purity and quality of the waters of Lake Michigan;

    (d) To insure that construction in the Lake or modification of the existing shoreline shall not be permitted if such construction or modification would cause environmental or ecological damage to the Lake or would diminish water quality; and to insure that the life patterns of fish, migratory birds and other fauna are recognized and supported;

    (e) To insure that the Lakefront Parks and the Lake itself are devoted only to public purposes and to insure the integrity of and expand the quantity and quality of the Lakefront Parks;

    Repeal the Ordinance and you have something to talk about.

    Also as you are aware there is only one CTA bus that runs by the preposed site, which is a dead end street. That does not appear to be centraly located.

    I also have estimated that when this goes to a law suit it will cost each city tax payer $100 in taxes. That will make a lot of tax payers unhappy.

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