Trying to Watch the Baseball Playoffs and Settling for Hova

I had a busy week and was only able to follow the baseball playoffs on the radio this week. When one of the series involved my two least favorite non-Yankee teams, maybe that’s not so bad. What’s more, it seems that by avoiding Fox’s TV coverage, I am better informed. Richard Sandomir reported Friday that Fox reports that pitches as faster than the figures recorded by the stadium radar gun. (A shocker: watch Fox, know less.)

There are another advantages to listening to baseball on the radio. As Phil Mushnick notes, “the best way to watch a game these days is to listen to it on the radio – with the sound off.” I am not sure who is more annoying among Lou Pinella, Steve Lyons, Tim McCarver, and Luis Gonzalez (who never mentions the steroid whispers.“) Listening to the radio, I am unaffected by the fact that Fox “leads the free baseball world in needless crowd shots.” (Mushnick again, he may be the only thing I miss about the NYC tabloids.) Fox also finds time for player profiles such as the one that informed us that Paul Lo Duca likes Robert De Niro and owns race horses, without mentioning his fondness for teenagers and gambling. (In fairness to watching TV, the Jay Z and Tommy Lasorda commercials are pretty funny– and I hate Tommy Lasorda. I also enjoy hearing what merenge and reggaeton jams the Mets batters choose as soundtracks.)


When it comes to Da Bears (have you heard that they’re undefeated?) WBBM radio’s Tom Thayer and Jeff Joniak trump anything the Fox or CBS can come up with (though Aikman is good). The problem is that the post-Janet & Justin delay imposed on live TV means the play is over on the radio before it begins on TV. Last week I worked out a ritual of turning down the radio just before the play; I’m not sure how long I can keep that up.

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