WBEZ and Latinos on iTunes

In honor of my new shuffle, I send congratulations to WBEZ for producing the most popular podcast on iTunes, This American Life, as well as the fifth most popular, WWDTM. Apple also debuted iTunes Latino this month. (So far, the highlight is the Ozomatli playlist, which includes Horace Andy, Fishbone and Bad Brains.)

Here’s the iTunes Latino ad with the Kumbia Kings cover of Maldita Vecindad; I prefer the original, which follows.


One thought on “WBEZ and Latinos on iTunes

  1. I just got my 2000t and all of my songs are skipping in iTunes, and I cant figure out why. If someone could help me out and tell me how to fix this I would really appreciate it because its driving me crazy. Thanks for the replys.

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