Farewell, NYTimesRiver, We Hardly Knew Ye

Whilst being driven home late Saturday night I made one of my frequent visits to the Dave Winer-created NYTimesRiver and was saddened to encounter this message on my blackberry:

Over the years I’ve tried out lots of ideas, some work, others work a little, and some — not at all…Recently I’ve decided to start turning off the ones that sort-of work, the goal being to reduce the monetary and karmic cost of maintaining an online presence. This is one of the sites I’ve decided to retire…In order to get somewhere, you have to try lots of ideas, and most of them aren’t huge successes. But, imho, it’s good to try — it’s also good to know when it didn’t work.

Shows what I know. The Rivers (Digg, the BBC [apparently disabled] and especially the Times) have been my favorite mobile destinations, and I was heartened this week to learn that Gabe Rivera has added rivers for his addictive meme and other sites. In linking to Rivera’s post, Winer did drop this note about the lack of traffic on NYT River and BBC River:

They’re still running strong, although there aren’t many people fishing on their banks. 😦

How will I spend my weekend mornings now? Oh well, at least Winer’s committed to continuing blogging for a few more months– and (hopefully) my wife’s new Treo means I can take advantage of the old Slingbox a bit more often.


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