Fresh Spam for 2007

Most of us spend our working lives as passive spectators of the battle between the evil spammers and our diligent protectors. (The NY Times [behind paywall] reported last month that “worldwide spam volumes have doubled from last year, according to Ironport, a spam filtering firm, and unsolicited junk mail now accounts for more than 9 of every 10 e-mail messages sent over the Internet.”

Over the holidays, the image spam made inroads on my inbox, but my filters kicked in over the last 10 days or so. This week I’ve noticed that the “re: your message” subject line has been replaced with messages that reference the news. It is to the point that I’m actually learning about current events when I scan my quarantined inbox: “Suzanne Somers’ Malibu house burns;” “Sen. Johnson’s condition upgraded;” House Dems start ‘100-hour’ agenda;” and, my favorite, “Swank: ‘I am in a relationship'”. 

Of course, nothing beats the original spam; with bonus Japanese subtitles:


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