Wayne Marshall Samples the Ecuadorian Youtubosphere

Just in time for the inauguration of (UofI grad) Rafael Correa, Wayne Marshall takes a look at El Delfin, the most popular Ecuadorean on the internets this side of Jefferson Perez or Tin Delgado (who no doubt slipped a few notches following his role in the brawl del ano). From Wayne’s (last year I mentioned his’s analysis of reggaeton) summary:

Seeming at once exploitative and naive — perhaps not unlike our own prez’s response — it mashes up 9/11 images of the Twin Towers (”Torres Gemelas”) as well as news footage of related events as it superimposes Delfin — along with contact information for bookings, naturalmente — singing a tecno-cumbia tribute to the day that cannot be forgotten®.

Wayne goes onto to summarize a taste of the dizzying number of Delfin remixes before concluding that “el phenomeno Delfin offers but a glimpse of la punta del iceberg for DIY media in an increasingly wired world.” (Wayne also adds an apt warning: “one of the video’s most insidious qualities is that the song actually will get stuck in one’s head. I’m humming it right now, and there’s no making it go away.”)

Delfin (he says his name derives from to the fact that he was the last child in his family) explains his selection of the WTC as theme in this video, noting that his friend’s wife was one of the many Ecuadoreans who died in the collapse of the towers.

Back to Correa: one of his first official acts was , ala Evo Morales, to sign an executive order making $3,500 the maximum monthly salary for public employees. And the LA Times today ran an odd piece warning of the likely loss of the US airbase in Manta. For what it’s worth, the aritcle, which is datelined Manta, quotes five Americans and two Ecuadorians, according to my late night count. Correa, the new president, is not quoted.

“The base here is a terribly important asset in the war on drugs,” said Delucca, the U.S. Air Force officer. “The geographical position of Manta is invaluable.”

Here’s Delfin v. Michael Jackson


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