Is this Philly or Chicago?

Bears fans are a surprisingly pessimistic lot this week: almost 90% of the 24,000 respondents to the Sun-Times (highly scientific) poll on Sunday’s game are picking the Saints to win. Sigh. (I wonder how Mike Ditka voted?) Wisdom of the crowds?

[Update: The Tribune’s poll, with 12,500 responses on the eve of the game, has an 83% pro-Bears stance. Are Sun-Times readers pessimists and Trib readers optimists? Or are Saints fans just more partial to to the Sun Times?]

Meantime, in other breaking Sun-Times news:

“57 percent of the 182,000 votes cast in a poll” selected punter Brad Maynard [?!] as the sexiest Bear. [That can’t be a good sign.]


[“Chicago-based psychic”]Sonia Choquette wants Bears fans to take a piece of paper, write ”Freeze New Orleans” on it, then place it in a freezer…”Rex is hitting his own feeling,” she said. ”I feel his energy is getting scared of his own success, so then he trips himself up. It’s almost predictable.”

Choquette said Bears fans can help Grossman.

”What we all need to do is raise the ceiling for his success, so he doesn’t think he’s reached that ceiling,” she said. ”I don’t know if there are evil forces involved, but he’s out of his element because he’s surprised he’s so talented.”


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