WBEZ’s New Schedule: So far, So good

Chicago Public Radio/WBEZ’s long-awaited schedule change finally took effect this month. (Previous post here.)  I generally agree with Stephen

Any format change takes the current audience out if its comfort zone, whether in a radio schedule, an evening newscast or a redesigned alternative weekly. WBEZ deserves time to work on a better use of its airtime. Starting with a lineup of BBC and Radio Polonia rebroadcasts, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Of course, I miss the jazz, and I was sad to lose Encanto Latino, but I liked the idea of the change.  And so far,  I’m fine with the (still likely to be tweaked, I imagine) weeknight programming,  which includes the World and repeats of Worldview . This morning I was happy to (groggily) discover Smart City. On the Media has been pushed back to Sunday at 11. As a consequence, I can now listen to OTM, via podcast, more than 24 hours before it hits the local airwaves. [Last week, OTM interviewed Ron Deibert about Psiphon and had a piece on the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s News Coverage Index.] I doubt BEZ loses many listeners due to the podcast, however: any media nerds listening to the show on podcast are likely spending plenty of time with other BEZ programs.

More listener comments, again, made before the change, are at NPR Junkie.


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