When the Web(b) fails

I didn’t rush home last night to watch the SOTU speech because I knew I could find it online later at my own schedule. And I have: the New York Times has text and audio, for instance as well as this nifty graphic analysis of the words used in Bush’s SOTUs over the years. The Washington Post tops the Times by including the full speech in video and exceprts, and it has video of Jim Webb’s response. But no one– the Post, the Times NPR, the Democratic Party, Jim Webb’s own site— seems to have Webb’s response in a format I could easily download to listen to on the train. I guess I’ll just have to settle for watching the YouTube video (poor audio and all) thanks to Taylor Marsh.

My other Senator, Dick Durbin, blogged his response at Kos.

(BTW, the number two podcast at iTunes is Barack Obama’s. I don’t think that will last for long.)


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