When Radio’s Human Voice Goes Missing

Radio can be such a personal medium that its a bit of a shock when its cold, corporate face shines through. News broke this week that Wendy Snyder, part of Steve Dahl’s show for awhile, has been quietly fired. The only mention on the show was Dahl’s “she’s not coming back” answer to a caller’s inquiry. Odd that, on a show based largely on the personal lives its hosts, Snyder can become an unmentionable non-entity overnight.

Matt from Chicago Radio & TV asks “whether the move was a cost-cutting measure on the part of the CBS-owned station or whether there was a personality conflict between Dahl and Snyder. Either way, Snyder’s departure can’t be a positive sign for the struggling station.”

Maybe her salary can be put towards the Garry Meier fund?

(Public radio, by contrast, is not know for its personal voice– what do you know about Steve Inskeep’s favorite TV show or music? Neverthess, listeners were told this week that local WBEZ  morning host Lisa Labuz is out on maternity leave.)


46 thoughts on “When Radio’s Human Voice Goes Missing

  1. Thank god – she was awful. Her whole annoying contribution was to laugh in the background. She rarely if ever said anything humorous!
    Get Tom Thayer on as a semi-regular – not just on Mondays during football season. He’s funny, has a personality and would do a whole lot more than laughin the background!

  2. Yea I agree. She was horrible and STUPID. But at the same time, I feel bad for her. For a long time it was apparent they were going to cut her from the show. Steve was always rude to her and liked to embarass her. If I were her, I would have given a big ol “FUUUUUCCCKKK YOU” to Steve on the show. He’s an ass.

  3. I have listen to Steve Dahl since WLS. Sure people have come and gone. He has gone from station to station. None of that matters to me. But i tune in daily to hear him. I don’t care who gives the news or sports or who he may partner up with. I will stay with Steve no matter what station he is at. Its a life style.

  4. I agree with #2, and Thayer, Boriinnnngggggg!! Sorry for her though, she should have left it fly before they took the opportunity away. This forum and information were buried so that’s why I posted.

  5. I’m sad to see her go. Yes, she could be annoying but she had her funny moments too. I’ve been listening to Steve off and on for 20 years and it’s always a shock when he fires people and doesn’t talk about it. His show style focuses on being real and getting to know the personal side of the co-workers so …it’s alittle upsetting when someone is suddenly gone. He was preatty shiity to her during the last year – anything she would say was dismissed untill it got to the point where she wasn’t saying anything – just a laugh here and there. I hope another female voice/personallity comes forward sometime/somewhere. Steve you’re a genius but you can also be an ass.

  6. i agree with the basic notions expressed here, but i must say i rather enjoyed his ragging on wendy over the last months.
    The interesting question is, is this the beginning of the end of Dahl on CKG? If WCKG goes all-Spanish language, what happens to Steve?

  7. I love listening to Steve Dahl (and will continue) but I really liked having Wendy on the show. I am sure she will land on her feet.
    He has been in this slot for a while, it’s probably time for a shake-up.

  8. Wendy is actually very funny, it was an uncomfortable mix on the show, and she was there to be what everyone else is. Steve Dahl’s @SS kissers. She was hysterical when she was paired with Bill Leff on the lopp back in the 90’s. Listening to the Steve DULL show is like listening to 4 hours of an AA meeting everyday.
    I’d listen more if the whole station went spanish 24 hours a day, and I don’t speak spanish! She’s better off without him, and she’ll be back, count on it.

  9. You’re right – Wendy and Bill Leff were VERY funny together. Isn’t he on another am program somewhere. Maybe they could get back together. Chicago radio needs help.

  10. I truly enjoyed Wendy. She certainly enjoyed Steve. I feel that he
    was rude to her and she was a trooper to take it graciously, employee
    or not! I also feel that it was wrong not to speak about it just a little.
    I have been wondering where she went all this time. Not very cool,

  11. This should shock no one. Steve is a bully who has seen to it that anyone that doesn’t think like him is fired. He obviously doesn’t care too much for woman in the work place and his show reflects this . No wonder WCKG can’t draw woman in any meaningful fashion.

  12. He’s a bully and then he can be very kind and generous. I know people that have worked for/with him. My two-cents worth – when there’s a lot going on behind the scenes and when he needs to lash out – he does it to the people he perceives as dependant on him or are only successful because of him. The man feels used and no one is grateful enough or works as hard as he does.
    He treats Buzz with respect because Buzz is a successful musician.
    I don’t listen as much as I used to. With Steve, it ebbs and flows – First you love him, he’s so fresh and different – then you hate his whining and complaining. When he starts getting like this ( as he was on the Score) I tune out for awhile- and come back after getting sick of the other lame shows.

  13. I thought it was odd that Wendy’s firing was totally down played to “she’s not coming back” but she was only a small piece of the show. He should have some woman on that show at least an hour a week. I really miss Steve’s musical paridies from the early days. I like when he reccomends & talks about tv shows. I live in Poland & had no idea about “the Office” or “Heroes” now i’ve seen every episode. I don’t mind his complaints & many times i can relate one way or another but his screaming is annoying! e.g. his Drew Hayes impressions. After 2 minutes of that I turn it off. But Ben Gay, Bill Curtis & Tyrone rule. You can only listen to so much sports radio so he’s still the best in Chicago. Just please stop putting images of a screaming Drew Hayes in our heads!!

  14. Am I the only one annoyed by the arrival of Matt Dahl and his presence on Steve’s show for the first hour? I guess nepotism in Chicago extends to our radio personalities too. Can you imagine what Steve would have said back in 1985 if say, Wally Philips had arranged for his daughter to have a show?

  15. Wendy was (is) a very personable, real funny personality who was bullied constantly into submission. Those that say she sucked probably only heard her after Steve (the HUGELY FAT bully) pounded her into submission and she stopped contributing except to laugh like a syncophat. Buzz continues to play right into Steve’s Hindenburg ego and the show is incredibly boring without the presence of someone to put the huge buffoon in his place rather than kowtow to him. I have listened for a long time, but no more. Steve and Buzz sound like to old men whom the 21st century has left behind.
    Without the fresh young voice of someone like Wendy to liven things up, all you’ve got is BORING. And Buzz, really shame on you for going along with this. You were with her before Steve. Nice loyality for someone who is supposed to be a friend. You are a toady to a spoiled talentless man! Come on Spanish station and I can’t speak a word!

  16. I’m not sure what to say, Steve always acts like he’s loyal to his people but when it comes down to it he’s a rich republican keeping people down. He’s a little baby that has temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. The way he was treating Wendy was horrible and she deserved better. She seemed to try her best to please him but he just kept knocking her down. She cared about the show and wanted to do a good job, but he just kept hammering her until she didn’t know which way was up. I’ve been a fan of Steve’s for a long time but this is bitter pill for me to swallow. The man can’t sing and he can’t write songs but since he’s surrounded by yes men he thinks he can. Every stinking time I have to listen to one of his songs I just have to laugh at him. I know Wendy will find a new job and she will be happier in the long run. Wendy I hope you read this and I hope you know that you did matter and you were a joy to listen to. To Buzz shame on you for just letting this happen as someone else pointed out Wendy was your friend and you should have done more for her.

  17. Bill Leff is on WLS now with Roe Conn, Roe Conn used to be with Garry Meier, Garry Meier used to be with Steve Dahl. . .it is like a Kevin Bacon thing with Dahl in the middle. I used to think Steve was great, but not anymore.

  18. I’m a long time fan as well and frankly I thought it sucked how he treated her. I didn’t find it funny at all. Steve took every oportunity to blast her and she got gun shy. If you listen to some of the old shows, she would make very funny comments but they would be dimissed and Steve would find something in her comments to slam her about. If he had given her half of the respect that Howard gives Robin the chemistry would have been better and that lineup would have been more sucessful. Sadly I’m starting to see him treat Buzz the same way ….. I guess it’s just a matter of time. I know it’s been said before but Steve, Buzz and Gary would be a great line up for the show because all three can hold their own.

  19. Not a fan of Dahl, though have listened on and off for decades. He is usually his own worst enemy. His whining that his ideas never get traction in Hollywood, or TV or the various entertainment industries are his OWN fault, for the most part. He is just too hard to work with and he has the attention span no longer than the life of a gnat.

    Still, I found Snyder’s “contribution” to his show dubious at best. I never COULD figure out why the heck she was there?

    I heard her as a traffic girl on WLS this morning during the Don Wade and Roma show. THERE is where her talents make her useful. Otherwise… not so much.

  20. HOUSTON,ALL SYSTEM’S GO! T MINUS 5 AND COUNTING! I predicted month’s ago that if I had a sighting of BIGFOOT but with all of it’s fur shaved except for a BRAZILIAN BIKINI WAX my bro would be back on his 50,000 watt blowtorch.WELL GUESS WHAT I SAW LAST WEEK!Garry’s MOFO BRO’!

  21. I caught some of Gary’s show …… I was impressed…. When Steve came in and Gary was still there, they were very funny together. It was as if there was a new energy in the room. This one goes out to Drew …… DUDE !!!! PUT THE 3 of them together and wahtch the ratings skyrocket !!!!!!

  22. I miss Wendy on the show. But she probably was happy to get out of there. Steve was so mean to her. I don’t know how she stayed so long. I wish there was a Woman on the show. I feel like they only are going for men listeners. But I want to listen! Get some female opinions in there. But only if Steve will respect them.

  23. You’re right Carla; there is a void without Wendy. If they added a woman she would have to be very “thick skinned” and be able to give as good as she gets. I also think that Steve would be a little less mean if the woman was more “attractive”. At his age he seems to be a bit intimidated by a pretty woman……….I often toggle back and forth from Steve to Roe Conn. Roe has a 4 person staff (including Christina) and their show is funny and slick. You can hear the mutual respect that each one has for the other and they feed of each other so well you can hardly tell who’s talking. It’s a pleasant change.

  24. Interesting observation X-Tumor. He does seem to be more intimidated or preoccupied with pretty woman now. The Penthouse debocle, the Admiral Theater – where are the real women on the show?
    One of the things I liked about he show in the past was how Janet was an important presence – so smart, level-headed and funny. Where is she now? Even Janets’ Planet was moved from the main web page.
    I still listen – not as much. I hope things turn around.

  25. I hope Matt is not going to end up a misogynist like his Dad. Seems like he is getting off to a good start. As they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  26. Matt’s cool. I do miss Wendy, but it was hard to listen to Steve beating her up over the last month she was on. She really was trapped in a lose-lose situation. She couldn’t do anything without Steve jumping on her shit. Is she really a traffic girl on Don & Roma’s show? Somebody let me know… she’s really better than that…

  27. Buzz and Wendy had a great midday show before Steve hired them for a laugh track. I thought it was a tremendous waste of talent to put them with Steve. Steve only wants to be the center of the universe. My last time listening was when he had Ed Farmer on the phone. No one could complete a sentence without Steve butting in. It was as annoying as hell. Steve only talks about one thing, STEVE.

  28. I remember listing to Wendy right before she took leave for her knee surgery. I had a feeling she’d be gone forever. Dahl was so mean to her. He’s always critizing people, he needs to look in the mirror first. I don’t know how Janet puts up with him…. and what’s going on with Dahl and Mary?????? Janet keep your eyes opened.

  29. I keep trying to listen but he seems so negative and whinney and complaining. What’s up? I forced myself to listen to Gary – he’s so-so. Thank God for Stan and Terry – they are the one bright spot for me.

  30. Steve is as someone said earlier– sometimes hilarious, sometimes about as entertaining as a bag of rocks. Steve’d just whip them at those that make his life a living hell. Must be tough to own a horse, boat, two houses and complain about how your lawn is manicured by someone else. Wildbill (a few comments back) is right– Wendy and Buzz made for good radio (not to mention I could get on the show just about every time I called). I wasn’t fond of them being mashed into his show, but it worked for a while, until you could just hear the steam going out of Wendy from all Steve’s bashing on her, the kids, and her husband. But hey, now Wendy’s done both sides of the aisle with Steve and Gary. I actually liked her on Gary’s show years ago. If you still have Kevin Matthews basement tape CD, there is a piece with Gary greeting Steve in the studio after the breakup. It’s three minutes of awkward hilarity, and Wends is sitting right in the thick of it.
    I too hope she gets something more than just traffic girl. I’d really love to see her get her own show again. More than just “Car-tunes”.


  32. I saw this coming for quite some time. Steve constantly criticized and belittled Wendy for EVERYTHING. The guy’s ego is as big as his waist. Steve Dahl used to be the funniest show on radio. Now all he does is rant about how tough his life is. How sad to be a millionaire making a living by talking on the radio. And where else in the country would a college student have a show in the number #3 outlet? Matt Dahl is no Wendy Snyder or Bill Leff. Or Buzz. But Daddy Warbucks, probably threw his considerable weight around to ensure that his little boy would have a job.
    Wendy was treated like dirt for quite some time, I was sure that she would eventually leave, and not on good terms. Wendy, if you read these things, I hope that you know that Chicago still loves you.

    With Respect,

  33. i have been listening to steve since the 80’s and it’s sad to see what an egotistical prick he has become….i thought Wendy was a good mix with steve and buzz but now i rarely listen…i think it’s an even bigger joke that his son and the moron with the deep voice have their own show….chicago radio is so very lame…

  34. Someone asked where’s Janet…where indeed? She did add a smart witty female presence to the show that’s missing since Wendy’s departure. The show is dying and sadly Gary’s show is just not funny. I’m not sure about either shows ratings but they have got to be low. You can tell by the layout of the WCKG web site what the big boys are thinking (GARY-BUZZ-STEVE) they will have to make that move in order to survive.
    I download the show everyday and as you know it comes in segements. Oddly enough the 1st segment (the Stan and Terry Steve Dahl crosstalk) is usualy very entertaining. They bend over sometimes for him too but not as much as everyone else. I think Stan intentionally pushed his buttons.

  35. I really miss Wendy. I thought she was funny and Steve could be pretty funny about her life sometimes. However, the last couple of months he was so rude and mean to her. I hope she ends up back on the radio. I still like Steve but I think the show has become somewhat boring without Wendy. Buzz is scared of Steve and agrees with whatever he says. There is no contrast just a yes guy. Steve you should apologize for the way you treated Wendy the last couple of months. I actually like the Matt Dahl Show I think they are doing a good job. Bring Wendy back and treat her with the respect she deserves.

  36. Can’t believe it. He just answered a caller saying he didn’t like picking on Wendy. Wow, could have fooled me.
    Buzz watch-out. If you don’t start watching and liking John of Philly you’ll get canned too.

  37. I started listening to Steve back in Detroit in the 70’s…found him in Chicago in the 80’s…I would hate the way he treats his employees….the way he attacked Wendy, it would have had him fired in normal venues…she was a good part of the show…added a different side of everything…Buzz is just a go along w/ whatever Steve say’s and does….although he seemed to like Wendy, I knew he would not support her…he’s got no balls….I listen to Sirius now, Howard is very funny if you can filter out the vulgar.He is a master at interviews. Artie and Robin and Fred are great too….I spend the day in my car, sales, having Sirius is a god send….once you have it, regular radio isn’t an option…it sucks……never will listen again….see the handwriting on the wall , hope Steve fails again, he’s lost touch with his listeners….he’s a winer when he doesn’t get his way or doesn’t get treated like the star he THINKS he is….his son also sucks on the radio….no substance…..

  38. Steve’s a jackass. He treats everyone like dirt and while he can be mildly funny, mostly he’s a son of a bitch. Look at how he treated Spike Manton. His treatment of Wendy was no better. Look at how he belittles Brendan. Makes me wonder if Buzz wouldn’t dearly love to tell him to fuck off. Buzz is a class act – Steve’s just an egotistical maniac and I agree, he can’t sing for ****.

  39. I was really begining to like Gary and Stan & Terry. Even the cross-talk was funny. I wish those guys got situated on JackFM and not Steve.
    Steve is way too whiney now. I can’t stand it. And without Janet calling-in to check his ass, he just keeps going on and on. Buzz is a whimp and a yes man. It’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes; everyone’s afraid to tell him no or stop it.
    Who needs this crap?

  40. truth be told, i’ve only been listening on Mondays for Tom Thayer’s Bears analysis– something I can cease now the Bears’ season is effectively over.

  41. 105 of the best steve moments? Listen to how his voice is so differernt than nowadays. Kinder, softer. What has happened to steve to make him so bitter and whiney now?

  42. All you Steve basher’s are a bunch of disgrunted losers. If you hate him so much then change the dial.

    Last time I checked his show was called the “Steve Dahl Show” not the “Steve and Wendy Show” which means Steve, not Wendy, gets the glory when things go well and Steve, not Wendy, takes the heat when things go poorly. I believe Wendy worked for Steve not the dearly departed CKG, so Steve was well with in his right to give her the heave ho.

    Honestly, IMHO Wendy really didn’t add that much to the show. She knew going in that she was never going to be anything more than a third-banana to Steve and Buzz. If she was really so unhappy with the way she was being treated then she why didn’t she leave of her own accord. She was benefiting much more from working on Steve’s show than you Steve basher’s seem to be willing to accept.

    Finally, those of you questioning Buzz’s loyalty to Steve obviously know zilch about Buzz and Steve’s history together. Buzz has been with Steve of and on since the very early days at the Loop, way before Wendy came on the scene. Before you open your traps at least have some idea what you’re talking about.

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