Early thoughts for IMA on public radio’s future

Dave Winer, thinking about this month’s IMA conference, has suggestions for public radio. First, he praises it for having done “such an excellent job of embracing podcasting.” He suggests that the only way for local stations to remain relevant is to embrace participatory  media:

As the Internet is used more to distribute content, whether streamed or via MP3, the role of the local broadcaster is diminished. There is nothing to be done about this, no point struggling against it. There’s no way we’re going back to the terrestrial broadcast model, the producers of the shows need distribution less and less, that’s just a fact… [Public radio] should be seeking more programming from today’s listeners, because that’s where the new ideas will be coming from. The staff should do more facilitation, editing, training, outreach. The voice of public radio should be, surprise, the public. I believe this will happen whether or not public radio embraces this concept, but as with podcasting, it works so much better when we work together.

Robert Paterson is thinking about how Fox’s web strategy could be a model for public radio:

Fox is now opening a door to amplify its product – TO AMPLIFY IT AND TO MAKE IT MORE POPULAR NOT TO REPLACE BROADCAST – in MY Space. (Thanks Terry for the spot)

What if there was a Public radio site connected to these “Worlds” that listed all the Public radio programs available? What if I as a listener could find for the first time a Global Directory of Programs and then listen when I wanted? Wasn’t this a major learning from New Realities?

Paterson also has an interview with Iowa Radio and TV’s Todd Mundt and points to Iowa Public Radio’s new blog.


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