RTU’s YouTube Strategy–It’s Electric!

John Palfrey has been all over the Viacom-YouTube takedown issue and the accompanying Fair Use issues. (He asks: “Will the policy for handling copyright matter, one way or another, in terms of customer adoption of competing services?”)


Ecuadorian TV station RTU (Ch. 48 for you Quitenos, Ch. 28 en Latacunga) has a YouTube strategy different from Viacom’s. RT shares about 3-4 of its stories each week day. RTU’s been a handy resource for following the recent tumult in Quito.

David Sohn of the Center for Democracy and Technology has summary of a panel,“User-Generated Content — Can Copyright Tolerate Mixing & Mashing?”, at last week’s State of the Net Conference. He noted that the panelists were generally in agreement on a few points:

The current rights regimes for commercial content are too complex, with too many rights holders, for it to be feasible for would-be mashers and samplers to license all commercial content they use [and] the current copyright statute is too complex for a world where digital technologies have empowered widespread public participation in activities (creating, sharing, manipulating, and distributing creative content) governed by copyright.

Of course, David notes that that consensus may have been due to the fact that the panel included “Nobody directly representing the interests of the commercial content community — the folks whose content gets “mixed and mashed.”

Finally, CNET has the story of Ronald Silver, who claims to have invented that staple (is it still?) of the wedding dance floor, the Electric Slide, and is using the DMCA to file take-down notices against nasty pirates who dare to share their home videos. Apparently, the notices haven’t reached aqua-dancers.


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